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I’m one of the members with the Fastraxx band, and we would like to rock your club, private or corporate party or street fair. We do moldy olds, classic rock, blues, and rhythm and blues from the fifties to the present. We also incorporate our own originals.


We are equipped to perform at small to large venues. We will not overpower your listening abilities. We have multiple set lists of music material, if you wish we will learn new material that you would like to hear at your function or club. As long as you give us ample time, we will have no problems giving you a quality show. We can also fill in if you have a cancellation from an appearing act provided there is sufficient time.


We have several P.A. systems or we will play through your sound system. We have other bands that we can introduce you to if you wish to hire more than one band. If you are not into rock and wish for blues, country, western, folk, acoustic, jazz, salsa, or the big band area, we can hook you up.